Quality Tips to Help Your Rose Garden in the Summer

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image1Just imagine creating that perfect rose garden in the summer time. The beautiful bloom, the color, and just the freshness of a rose adds a bit of mystique as well as romance into your background. You can pick some fresh roses from your garden just for your wife and mix it up with different color palettes. Of course, it’s great to have some nice vegetables in your garden, but roses just add a certain kick that not other flowers can follow. Learn a few tactics to help you develop your rose garden in the summer time.

image2Location is Key to Growth Success

All plants are different in how they grow and the way the climate works to stimulate that growth; roses aren’t the exception. You have to know how roses grow in a particular location. Some roses do better in a southern location, and other roses work well out west. However, a rose that grows anywhere in the states would be the Rugosa. The good thing about Rogusa roses is their tolerance. They can do well in the cold, they are resistant to the main diseases that plague typical flowers and roses, and not many bugs get in their way. No bugs bothering a flower? Sounds weird, right? Well, you can consider the Rogusa to be like the blue collar guy that goes to work at the steel mill everyday. It’s not someone you want to pick a fight with unless you are really trying to test your might. Learn what roses you can grow in your particular sector and when is the best time to help them harvest during the summer. You can go to your local nursery to find out the details on that information.

Always Be Mindful of Pest Control

Roses are susceptible to fungus and black spots, so an organic pest spray may work in your best interest. All you need to do is create a small mix of dish soap, baking soda and water. You can get a clean and empty spray bottle to pour this solution inside. Give it a good spray especially on the underside of the leaves. Roses aren’t the most long-lasting floral plants because they do fade out with time. Make sure you clear the path of the dead roses because you want to move your pruner down on the first sets of leaves. You’ll have to constantly upkeep your rose shrub to maintain it’s beauty.


Getting Your Roses to Bloom Better

You can help create better health for your roses by being a bit early to the party. During the winter and early spring, you can sprinkle some Epsom salts around the base of the roses. This way the salt gives the soil a bit of extra kick for growth. Additionally, it’ll help the bloom look a bit brighter than ever.  Just make sure that you keep it light so your soil maintains a good level of moisture and freshness. By following these tips, you’ll help support your beautiful rose garden during the summer.