Preventing Bed Bugs

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Preventing Bed Bugs


Although they aren’t talked about as much as other insects that may move into your home, bed bugs are one of the more notorious animals that we may share not even our life but also our blood with . Contrary to their names, you don’t only find bed bugs in your bed. In our article we would like to talk a bit about bed bugs, their habits and all the preventive measures we can take in order to avoid these insects from conquering our home.

Bed bug is a small, yet visible insect which has a distinquishing red-brown colour. The animal has 5 life cycles and it is prone to proliferating pretty fast when it finds a place to it’s like. But what places are the favorites of bed bugs?

– Being of the bloodsucking genre, bed bugs like diversity. Therefore, most of them can be found in:

  • Hotels and hostels
  • Public transport
  • Waiting rooms
  • Stores selling antique furniture and wooden frames
  • Any public places where one can spend one or more hours in one place
  • Rentals
  • Any second hand goods.

Bed bugs love places which are:

  • well covered
  • hidden
  • warmth ( up to 110 F or 46 Celsius Degrees)
  • where ther is a constant supply of food.

Therefore the most common places to find bedbugs include:

  • beds
  • Sofas and divans
  • carpets and curtains
  • furniture and picture frames.
  • holes in the wall or behind wallpapers

The best preventive measures to avoid bed bugs are the following:

  • keep your home clean – we know it’s literally impossible to keep a home 100% clean but it’s the most important first step.
  • wash or wet-clean your clothes, linens, carpets and all upholstered furniture.
  • don’t leave to much stuff hanging around.
  • pack all your old or non-used items in plastic bads and seal them thoroughly
  • Be especially attentive when returning home from s holiday as those places are the best birthbeds for bed bugs
  • Change your mattress periordially or buy a specialized mattress coat that is specifically made to prevent bed bugs from getting in and getting out.
  • Store your clothes and most of your belongings in closed spaces
  • Wash your linen in hot water. Bed bugs cannot survive over 115 F / 45 C.
  • When you go on holidays do a thorough check in your hotel or hostel room, especially regarding mattress, corners and inside furniture for bed bugs-
  • Use specific sealed plastic bads for storing your luggage and further belongings
  • When arriving back home do another thorough check and in case of any doubts seal the bag or clothes in question and contact a pesticide professional


Today, lots of home owners battle with the bed bug problems, but do not forget, bed bugs mostly arrive from the outside with our help. Therefore it’s important to take a few preventive actions in order to make sure no bed bugs would find a new home with your assistance.