How To Stain A Deck

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How to stain a deck

The decks are always known to be a very great place for any person to relax. Most of the people normally refer to the decks as outdoor rooms. However the decks are normally exposed to lots of foot traffic and elements hence the need to have proper maintenance conducted on them to keep them protected. Staining your deck is considered to be one of the most important maintenance practices especially for the wooden deck.

The following steps will be handy in helping you learn how to stain your deck properly.

Preparation of the deck surface

Even before you start staining your deck you need to first prepare the surface of the deck. Always make sure that the wood is completely dry and free from any form of contamination. When a stain is applied to any surface which is damp is normally vulnerable to either cracking or peeling.

It is very important to have a clean wood. The surface should always be free from any mildew, stains, debris, dirt and contaminants. In order to ensure your deck is ready for staining always clean it by washing it with cabot problem solver wood cleaner.


Important tips before you start staining your deck

  1. Always learn to apply the stain when the temperatures of both the air and wood surface range between 50°—90°F.
  2. Don’t apply the stain when in direct sunlight
  3. When the rain is in forecast in the next 12-24 hrs, always don’t apply the stain.
  4. At first, test a smaller area with the stain and wait till it is dry to make sure the result is what you were looking for.
  5. In case you are covering a large area using lots of gallons, always mix them to ensure color consistency.


Getting the right type of stain

There are a great variety of stains which are available in the market today. It is very important to consider the stain that best fits your needs and deck.

There are a great range of high quality types of wood stains which are in a variety of colors and opacities.


Some of the types of stains available include:

  • The semi- solid stains

This type of stain is known to allow some of the wood texture to be seen.

  • The semi -transparent stains

The semi -transparent stains are lightly pigmented. This type of stain is normally known to get more color on the deck as compared to the wood toner stains. They still allow some of the wood grain to be visible.

  • Wood Toned & Clear Stain

The Wood Toned & Clear Stain is almost transparent. They are very clear and lightly tinted hence more deck gran and texture is visible.


Application of the stain

  1. The natural bristle types of brushes are known to be one of the best types of applying the stains onto wooden decks.
  2. First, start by coating the open end grain of the decks heavily.
  3. Brush 2-3 times from one end in both long and smooth strokes
  4. Always make sure that the leading edge is kept wet in order to avoid lap marks
  5. In case you are staining a new deck, apply only a single coat of the oil based deck.
  6. In case the deck is made from the recycled plastic materials or wood, follow the instructions of the manufacturer.