How To Paint Stripes On A Wall

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How to paint stripes in a wall

Painting walls is the simplest way of updating and personalizing your room. Spicing up a wall color with some stripes adds up a unique character to your room. It also opens up the space of the room making it to appear larger. Even if wall stripes add style to your room, poor planning when painting the stripes leads to underwhelming results. It is therefore important to find various painting techniques that will help you to paint perfect t wall stripes of your house.

Tips on how to paint effective wall stripes

Laying out your stripe

When painting wall stripes, you have to put into consideration the layout of the stripes.  With a well designed stripes layout, you will be able to derive the best results. You should start in a corner of the room and work your way around the house from that point. The starting point should also be the finishing point after circling your way around the room.

Size of stripes

You should determine the size of the stripes that will make your room appealing. The simple way to do this is through the use of masking tape widths. You should do with a standard masking tape width as it is the best in making your room look great.


Number of colors

You can paint your wall stripes in either two, three or more colors depending on your choice and the results that you expect to get. You need to understand how the various numbers of colors are being painted on the stripes. For instance if you are painting two stripes, you will paint your room in the first paint color and then apply a masking tape at 2 intervals around the room. While the masking tape is in place, you then paint the walls again with the second stripe color.  After the whole section of the wall is done, you can remove the masking tape and reveal the two color striping.

Masking tape

You should get the right tape that will enable you to do an efficient work. There are various masking tapes that are available in the market and hence you should get the right one.  The best masking tape to use is an easy release blue tape. It is more preferred because it is smooth and easy to release that makes it possible to get clean lines under the tape.  Ensure that you have rubbed down the edge of the tape to ensure it has a tight bond that the paint will not bleed under it. When you are pulling the tape off, you should gently pull it at a 45 degree angle from the surface.


When laying down the stripes, you should ensure they are very straight. This will make the room to look more appealing.  You can use a laser lever to paint straight wall stripes. A laser level will help you in making straight wall stripes that will attract the onlookers.

By putting those techniques into consideration, you are assured of getting the best wall paint stripes for your room.  You can also get the assistance of a painting expert to get a high quality wall painting stripes.