Good Tactics to Help You Winterize Your Vegetable Garden

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Learning how to grow your vegetables all year round is a great skill. It shouldn’t be all about getting things together in the spring and summer time. You want to make sure you can winterize your vegetable garden as well so you can sustain throughout the seasons. There’s a real advantage to being aware of how you can winterize things and help your harvest reign well even in the late fall. Here are some good tips on how you can help winterize your vegetable garden.


Learn How to Save Your Seeds Before the Winter


This can be a meticulous process because you really want to measure the seeds for freshness. Before you even begin the process of clearing out your vegetable garden completely, make sure you get the seeds so you can save them for the next year. This will help you get a leg up in your crops for the winter season, so you can start soiling them in January. Of course, it’s good to label and dry them. The best seeds to save would be the flowers, herbs, and even sunflowers. Sunflower seeds actually make for a tasty snack. You can take your seed and either put it an envelope or a clear baggie. Then you can label the different seeds so you can keep track of everything. Seeds have a long lasting life and can be used for years. However, you always want to make sure you use the fresh ones. Seeds from peppers are also good to save because they can last for a while. Just be sure to take out the pulp and wash them thoroughly. Dry them in a place that gets tons of sunlight.

Clean and Preserve Your Garden Tools


Get a bucket of water  and wet your tools. Get all of the mud off because you don’t want it to set in and cause rust.  You’re going to air dry your tools at the place where it gets the most sunlight. Also, you want your tools to stay sharp. To avoid your tools getting a bit stale, always make sure you sharpen it each side by getting a few good swipes in. That way you’ll have a good sharp angle for when you cut through the soil during the winter and spring months. It’ll help break through the ground even when it’s a bit tougher to dig. Storing your tools in good sand and motor oil will give you a nice edge. The sand keeps it sharp and the motor oil gives it a nice lubricant.

Shutting Down Your Water Source Before Winter


You’re going to want to cut off your hose before the winter time to prevent freezing. Make sure you turn off the spigot and unscrew the hose to properly drain everything. Just a little bit of water can cause major freezing. If your hose is really long, you might need a ladder or something to help clear everything out. Keep the hose in a dry area like your garage or somewhere else so that you can use it again when you start getting your crops together. Turn off the valve for your outdoor water sources to  help you prevent pipes from freezing. These are just a few good tips to help you winterize your garden.