Common Roofing Problems

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Common Roofing Problems 


Many people don’t realize the importance of a good roofing system in the lack of which your home becomes prone to rain, humidity and further weather contitions that may cause further problems to arise.  These issues can dramatically affect your living conditions and also may cause a considerable amount of money to repair. Therefore in this article we would like to call your attention to some of the most common roofing issues and what they  are causing to your roof.

It is understandable that everyone has a limited amount of time and expertise to be able to declare how to spot that an issue is in connection with bad roofing, therefore we include some of the top signals that means your roofing needs to be checked.

Key signals that means your roofing system needs revisiting:

  • Water in the attic after heavy rain

Sign of:  Roof leakage


  • Bad quality or badly assembled shingles
  • Low quality seams
  • Badly assembled flashings which are supposed to fix the shingles.
  • Problem with the attic underlay

Important to know: 95 %  of leaks occur  at chimneys where flashing should be assembled with special care

  • Blistering , peeling on interior or exterior painted walls

Sign of:  excessive temperatures in the attic ( hot or cold)


  • inadequate attic ventilation
  • high humidity
  • inadequate attachment of roof systems, especially those which are bituminous
  • poorly assembled head and backwater laps also lead to water infiltration
  • overall aging of roof system
  • badly assembly


  • Stains on ceilings, mold growth on your walls  – attic ventilation , shingle underlay  ,

Sign of : air being stuck in the attic without any movement


  • Bad ventilation due to bad assembly
  • Badly assembled shingle underlay


  • Cracks, tents and blown off shingles

Sign of : aging, poor manufacturing


  • shingles are past their prime and should be entirely changed.
  • the roof was not assembled in the right way.


  • Excessive energy costs – bad ventilation causing heating to run excessively

Sign of: Something going wrong with your walls or roof assembly


  • One possible reason for this can also be bad ventilation which makes the heating system work much harder than it should.


  • Dark spots on roof

Sign of:  your shingles becoming more vulnerable to weather conditions


  • air pollution
  • roof vegetation such as fungus
  • aging of shingles leads to them losing their protective features.
  • rain or excessive humidity loss


  • Roof shingle inside or outside decay

Sign of:  poor attic ventilation


  • Badly assembled roof
  • Malfunctioning ventilation system

When reading through the above list of issues, you may realize two patterns appearing in them: first is the importance of good attic ventilation, the second is all the possible faults of poor assembly. Indeed pools assembly can make even the best quality roofs leak or going wrong in any other ways. As for the attic, the list is the right wakeup call for not forgetting about buying and making sure high profile attic ventilation is being applied.