Choosing A Deck Stain

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Choosing a Deck Stain

Are you thinking of how you will choose a deck stain to coordinate with your house? Staining a deck could be a big task and when it seems to be of so much work for you, you can put it off due to the fact that it is dread and messy even though you will like to get it right in the first time you are doing it. You will not want to come back for the finishing because of choosing the wrong colour or the result did not turn out as planned. In order to avoid all these challenges, here is how to choose a deck stain that coordinate with your apartment:


Before you start anything, you will need to get paint chips and stain watches. Then here is the step by step guide of choosing a deck stain:

  • You need to put into consideration on how often you refinish your deck because there is more to choosing a deck stain than just choosing a colour. It is very important to evaluate how often you will refinish your deck. The coloured stains could be very difficult to remove and could become outdated faster when compared to a neutral colour. In case you prefer bright blue deck, this may not attract many buyers when you are selling your property.
  • You need to think of how to pick colours for the inner part of your home. Visit a paint store and search for a chip that matches your home siding in order to make the process less intimidating. Think of the colour of the wood you will like to use on your floors, furniture or kitchen cabinets. Pick the outdoor stain that blends with your indoor options.
  • Choose a transparency. A clear coat, natural colour and wood grain will always look transparent. Semitransparent stain lets the grain show through but will always change the colour. Strong colour stains are nearly opaque and resemble paint.
  • If you prefer your patio furniture, then make sure your outdoor is designed around it. For instance, pair a chocolate brown stain with solid modern furniture and continue the flooring colour that is inside the house onto the deck. In that manner, if you are able to see your deck from your living room, you will find out that it look like a continuous space.
  • You can draw some colours from your backyard. For instance, if your house is bright yellow and you want a more subdued Zen-like outdoor space, draw your stain colour from the rocks around you or use the tone of the nearby mountains around you. This will enable to delineate your inside space from your outdoor space thereby make it look like two different areas.


Also, you need to think of the effect of weather on your space. Your deck could receive a series of exposure to the rain, dirt or sun. All these three could fade your finishing. If your wood will requires bolder stain, it could also fade out with time.