Bed Bug Signs

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Bed Bug Signs

Bed bug is a very small and oval shaped insect that has reddish brown body. It is a nuisance insect and can easily invade any place either hotel or home. It is very common in hotels, hitch rides back to your home through your luggage. In case you traveled late, always ensure that you check your luggage for fecal stains or its shed skin or any other signs. It leaves fecal stains in the places it inhabits and the stain is usually black or red if you kill the one that already such blood. It consists of many black spots in its abode and the spot will not fake off when rubbed but will smear if it is wiped with wet rag. You can also look around for its shed skin or shells more so that it shed old skin as it develops.


They are also referred to as uninvited guests that simply take over human space and makes life annoying. They feed on human blood and are so tiny enough to live in the holes of the furniture, walls or even mattress. The infestation of bed bug is commonly found in most of the households. During the day they remain hidden in their abodes but very active at night to bite human beings and suck blood. So, it is not easy to discover the presence of bed bugs in the house until and even unless any visible signs are detected.

The best way to know if there is an infestation of bed bug is to spot the bugs. Do not think that it is as easy as it sound. Bed bug is the type of insect that could go around undetected. Instead of seeing the insect itself, you will only experience the bites while some other evidence can be a means of stopping them as soon as you can.

Bites Symptoms of Bed Bug

It is very hard to differentiate the bites of bed bug from any other bites from other insects. Meanwhile, if a person made complains of being bitten at night or having any irritation on his or her skin, then that is a sure bite sign of bed bug. Some other signs of bed bugs include:

  • Itchiness
  • Red spots
  • Slightly raised spots of red spot with hardness
  • The bite spots are usually in linear form
  • The red spots could be found all over the body

If you detect any bites of bed bug on your body, try to use calamine or anti-inflammatory lotion on the spot in order to soothe the irritation. Even though, the bite of bed bug could cause great discomfort yet it could not bring much harm but when the bitten is persistent, it could lead to allergies or some sorts of reaction on the body. So, it is very important to eliminate bed bugs quickly as soon as it is detected.

The best way to eliminate bed bugs is to hire the professional who has the experience of using pest control and can offer the best efficient means of elimination of this nasty insect.