A Few Key Tips to Help You Grow Your Herb Garden

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There’s nothing like having fresh herbs and spices to go with your food. It’s much better than the manufactured stuff you get from the store because it’s grown straight out of the backyard with your own regulations. For one thing, it helps you relax right outside of your house. Also, you’ll save money by creating your own ingredients that will be healthier for consumption. This allows you to spend extra time with your family as you create your own garden. Here are some tips to help you grow your herb garden.


How to Select the Right Herbs


If you’re just starting out, don’t go overboard and plant 10-20 different herbs. Take your time. It’s okay to start out small because you want everything to be manageable and grow properly. Also, it’s a good idea to see what you have in your kitchen. If you already use specific items, go ahead and learn when you can plant these because it’s practical to get something that you know you enjoy.  Let’s say you’re working during the summer. You might want to get some herbs like rosemary, oregano, and parsley. These are perfect for your Italian dishes and salads. It adds the right kick and freshness that allows your taste buds a grand experience.  A good rule of thumb is planting things that feed off the same sunlight. You don’t want something that grows with a different degree of sunlight. Find a good gardening book to help you get in on these minute details so that you don’t destroy your herbs. Remember, that your plants need not only sunlight but good moisture so that they can harvest the nutrients for growth.

Giving Your Herbs Sufficient Water


If you decide to grow things on your deck or somewhere in the house, always remember to pick the spot with the most sunlight. Just be sure to keep it away from pests or animals that will eat into your crop. You need to not only place it in something that will drain water properly, but it’ll hold the efficient amount of liquid to keep your soil nutritious. Be gentle with your water and spray as needed. You can always go back if it looks a bit dry. There are two main times you want to water your herbs: early in the morning before the sun really cranks out the heat and after the sun goes down. By doing this, you’ll prevent your herbs from sizzling due to the boiling heat.

Learning How to Harvest Your Herbs


Once these herbs have grown to a certain level, you can begin to use them as a spice or item for your home. Rosemary you can take a few leaves off and chop them up for your salad or sauce you intend to make. Basil is a bit different because you don’t necessarily eat these until the flowers start multiplying. After the process of multiplying, you’ll be able to pinch them and chop the basil up into a pesto or something of your desire.  Take these steps to help you utilize a great herb garden.